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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Art Tutorial

I've been feeling inspired to make some fall art work for my home, and came up with a fun idea, that I also used as a craft with my daughter. Here is a tutorial on how I did it.

1. Use stencil of your choice. I used halloween cookie cutouts.

2. Trace around cutters on cardboard to make your own stencils.

4. Stencils all ready to go.

5. Prepare paints in preferred colors, I  used very watered down acrylics.
6. Place stencil on watercolor paper and using small brush strokes, paint on colors around the edges. Layering colors adds a lovely effect.

7. Completed picture.
8. Two of the pictures I did. For my daughter's picture I traced the stencil with a white crayon and let her paint over it.

Love and art,
Kerry, the Momster


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