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Friday, September 3, 2010

Is it really Special K?

There is such a barrage of tests and vaccines and "preventative" measures for our infants that new parents can be overwhelmed. I know I am! With all the standard procedures, it feels as though we have no choices, but we do!! The first thing to do is stay informed. Over the next few weeks I will present my findings on infant vaccines and other unnecessary "norms" in the medical profession. Read it, research it for your self and draw your own conclusions.

First is the aspect of the vitamin K injection given at birth. While in some circumstances it is completely needed, in most healthy births it is not. It also increases the chance of getting childhood leukemia by 80%. Breastfed babies increase levels of Vitamin K slower than those that are formula fed, but the same levels can be achieved through oral supplements for both baby and mom, which are safer and less traumatizing. I am opting for the oral supplement if I can get my child's pediatrician and the hospital on board. One less needle to stick into my fresh new baby!

Here is some links to get you started on the road to discovery and make informed, thoughtful decisions. Don't just go with the flow.

Dr. Benkin

Supporting Oral Supplements

Love and knowledge,
Kerry the Momster

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