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Monday, September 6, 2010

Merry Monday: Positivity Challenge Week 4

 Hello and a Merry Motivational Monday to you all!
AND Happy Labor Day! 
Very appropriate for me as I seem to be in a constant state of preterm labor and continue to be on bedrest :/

 Progress thus far: I forgave myself for past mistakes, and refuse to keep beating myself up like one of those monks who whips themselves to acknowledge their inadequacies. I will no longer dwell in past doggy-doo. Of course this-as all of it- is a working progress.

Positivity Challenge Week 4: Try to help someone or do something for someone each and every day. Helping your family is great helping strangers is better! Some ideas: hold a door open for someone, bake cookies for an annoying neighbor (don't put things that they are allergic to inside as this negates the positivity- although it may FEEL positive for you as you cackle with glee whilst baking), offer to run an errand for someone, pay the toll for the driver behind you, put money in a meter that's almost empty, offer to help someone unload/load groceries, rent your spouse's favorite kind of movie and watch it with them (even if you loathe it, more props for not saying how much!), volunteer at a shelter, buy flowers for your mother, give a homeless guy a hot meal, or a bag of new socks (trust me on that one!!)... 

You get the idea. It's not about getting recognition, or even being thanked. It's about putting a little love out there into the world. Let your positivity have some reach.
    Love and labor,
    Kerry, the Momster

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