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Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick Craft: Weekend Project

Like any preschooler, my daughter loves disney Playhouse-  especially Jungle Junction. One Saturday morning I was looking for a quick craft to make with her, and came across a BeetleBug from this show. It was the quickest, easiest and cutest little craft ever. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact location where I got the instructions, but it was on the Disney Preschool Craft Site.

I used a sock that had lost it's mate, and filled it with beans. I cut off the end of the sock and filled it before I sewed the end closed, but on the site they just hot-glued it. Then Kaylee (my daughter) cut out the eyes, and I hot-glued (my glue gun,my best friend) them on and I let her put the 4 little wool balls on as legs once I had already put the glue on. The mouth is a piece of wool.

It took about 10 minutes to make, and my daughter has not put her BeetleBug down since.

 Love and hotglue,
Kerry the Momster

PS> For my frugal and upcycling friends, this is a great reuse for an old sock.

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