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Friday, February 8, 2013

Letters to my Valentine

I heart snail mail. Always have, always will! Sadly, it is a dying art form. For the day of love: Valentines Day, which also happens to be one of my favorite holidays (maybe having something to do with my birthday being the following day) I make lots of pretty things for the specials in my life.

When my daughter was born I began a series of letters to her, that I mail to our address and then stuff into a box unopened when they arrive, so one day she will have a "journal" of unopened letters all postmarked. For my son, I haven't been as diligent, but write to him in an actual journal, letters whenever I remember to. (The second baby always gets jilted)

Valentine Craft
So for Valentines Day I made them each a "sustainable" felt envelope to stuff with treats, and maybe afterwards if I am feeling up to it, will add to the collection, so that they can play mailman with velcro stamps and the works.
Here's how:

For the top flap, use a new piece of felt halved, then fold in half again and cut in a jagged diagonal, rounding the top.

Cut out a triangular piece from the top piece of felt on the envelope body.

Stitch the sides and bottom first. I used a contrasting red color thread for effect.
Then add top panel and stitch straight across.

All done! Easy right?

Now to decorate...

I cut out felt names because I want to use them as place cards for the Valentine table too.

I made a quick stamp and some permanent marker lines on the front.

I love love love them! Hope my kiddies do too!

Love and letters,
Kerry, the Momster

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

scratch and sniff

I got this wonderfully easy idea from kiwicrate.com's 2 ingredient tuesdays. Non-toxic, sweet smelling(and tasting) koolaid paint. Just mix koolaid with a high concentration and paint away. But make sure you are watching the whole time or you end up soaking up berry blood-like pools off the floor like me.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweetest School Support

Can you believe "back-to-school" time is here already? Now that I am no longer a teacher, I can join the other moms and dads and be ecstatic for this wonderful time of year!!

 As a little back to school treat I am making these candy bars for my daughter. They are encouraging and so sweet (hehe excuse the pun!). I found them over at Sugar to Designs and the printable is free.

Go ahead,sweeten up your little scholar's day. :) 

 Love and lots more free time, Kerry, the Momster 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mad Magnets

For a recent road trip to Daytona beach I went a little nuts making goodie bags to keep the kids entertained. This little magnet toy was such a hit with my daughter that I thought I would share. I used a cd tin and drew the background ocean scene on paper. Then I found 2 small pictures of the kiddies, cut them out and glued to a magnet sheet (you can also print directly onto magnet sheets, but I use recycled calendar magnets that we get from realtors and such like-read:free!). After that I used beach themed stickers stuck ont magnet sheets and cutout. Voila! Beach magnet scene toy ready and waiting. All the pieces fit nicely in the tin, and it is small enough to put in any purse for entertainment-on-the-go boring errand days.

Love and games,
Kerry, the momster.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pack your troubles away (part 2)

Now that your clothes and accessories are packed, lets start on the lotions and potions that keep us beautiful. 
Conair 13-Pc. Travel Bottle Set
Conair Travel bottles to decanter your beauty products into. $13
What to pack:
1. An all-in-one make-up pallete. I truly am a Dior addict, so I adore this one! ($75, Sephora)

2. Sunscreen- never go a day without it! I use a tinted moisturiser and sunscreen in one to save room.
3. Moisturising facial mister (great for planes or after a day in the sun.
4.I always pack a sleep mask and ear plugs as you never know how light or noisy the hotel might be.
5. Toothbrush and toothpaste (I keep the little kits from my dentist and take a fresh pack  with me)
6-8.Cleanser, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
9. Body Sunscreen and after-sun lotion.


Visit Sephora before you go and ask for samples of under-eye lotions, concealers or fun eye shadow colors. Then you have ready-to-travel size make up.
Don't forget your ipod and some external speakers, for the hotel room, or morning jogs.
Pack doubles of certain items such as contacts and sunglasses.
Dont forget your Camera!!!

Love and sights-to-see,
Kerry the Momster