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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The beauty of breastfeeding.

Of course breastfeeding has so many benefits for babies: better build up of antibodies, and bonding time with mom. But there is also a reason it's better for mom too, quicker weight loss! I gained 45 lbs with my first pregnancy, and it was gone by 6 months post-partum without one bit of exercise. This pregnancy I gained 40 lbs, I am only 8 weeks past the birth, and have lost 22 lbs. If you don't believe me, check out this excerpt from Counseling the Nursing Mother By Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher:

 So if the bonding with baby was not enough, do it for vanity :)
I know when my baby was 9 months old I stopped breastfeeding, and I missed our time together so much that I tried to start again, but unfortunately my milk had already dried up. This time around I am aiming for a year, especially because we have not vaccinated our son.
 Obviously it's a personal decision, but I found it so much easier to feed during the night without having to heat bottles and there is far less dish-washing and sterilizing needed and trust me, with a new baby, a break from ANY chore is much welcomed. Here are some of my favorite breastfeeding items:

Love and caring,
Kerry, the Momster

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