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Friday, December 10, 2010

TV Watching Is Bad for Babies' Brains

 As an Elementary School teacher, the moment a child is having difficulty focusing, or isn't reading or socializing well, the first thing I ask parents about is TV habits. Most of the time, when you limit screen time, the improvement in behavior and academics is vastly improved. When parents say , .." but it's educational shows !", I just shake my head. It's not about what they're watching, it's about what they are NOT doing while watching. ( ie playing outsidde, reading, puzzles, drawing, talking, building legos...even toys of any kind!)

And TV for babies?? Don't even get me started!
TV Watching Is Bad for Babies' Brains ( article from Yahoo!)

A must read book for any parent is THE PLUG-IN DRUG. It is full of interesting statistics of American children ( who watch more TV than any other country) and why this is linked to ADHD, Obesity, Diabetes and so much more.

Then a book for the 'rents who ( and I fall into this category) spend more time in cyber-reality than in the real world: THE SHALLOWS :WHAT THE INTERNET IS DOING TO OUR BRAINS.

So get offline (after you've purchased your book.. or better yet go to a real live bookstore: GASP!) and get into some reading. I promise it will change the way you view TV.

Love and brains,
Kerry,The Momster

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  1. We didn't really get to watch much TV -- with all the schedule we have:)

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