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Monday, December 13, 2010

Feeding Frenzy (Things to do whilst breastfeeding)

If you are a mom who breastfeeds, you know how time consuming this can be. Especially in the beginning when your baby eats every two hours and you are confined to a chair for 20 minutes.(My baby boy is still eating this frequently). During the wee hours of feeding, I realized I could make use of my time in the hot seat for fun things, so that I would look forward to being woken up throughout the night. (Okay, not look forward to, but at least not mind it so much). Yes, you want to use feedings to bond with your baby too, singing to him, stroking his head, etc, but it's okay to put in a little you-time too. Here's my list of things to do whilst breastfeeding:

  • Read a novel: you could get through a novel a week!
  • Heck, write a novel! : Plan, write, keep your brain alive.
  • Shop online: I bought all our Christmas gifts online, at 3 am feeds, and was even able to shop around for the best deals, without lugging a baby to the mall.
  • Start a blog ( or add to yours, like I do)
  • Download and edit your tons of baby pictures ( this one is more tricky because for photoshop you often need two hands)
  • Read Gossip magazines
  • Search for awesome new music, and burn cds. ( Nylon mag is always a good place to get musical inspiration, as is Pandora radio online)

If you can make use of your feeding time during the day, you won't end your day saying the mommy motto "I accomplished nothing today!".

Love and accomplishment,
Kerry the Momster

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