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Thursday, August 26, 2010

End it the easy way.

Pregnancy that is...
I just went back to the new school year, and being on my feet, setting up my classroom, in a school that has an optionally working air-conditioning in this 92+ degree weather, left me dreading the weeks to come. So I am investing in some items to help ease my pained little body's woes in this, the last trimester.

My biggest complaints have been back pain (which now includes sciatic nerve pain added to my bulging spine discs. Yeeuck! ), sore feet which start swelling about half way through my day, and stress (I tend to harbor stress terribly, which results in lots of braxton hicks).

$1.99 for 8 at Walgreens.
Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask, $8 at Sears.
Homedics Lumbar support $14.99 at Amazon
  1. I first decided that stress is the most detrimental, and can be combatted by resting more, getting more sleep and exercising. Thus I have covered my bed in pillows of all shapes and sizes to make my night times more comfortable, and also invested in a night shade mask and ear plugs to dull out the sounds of my upstairs neighbor on her treadmill at 7am on weekends, and her dog barking throughout the night.
  2. Back pain issues need more support while sitting. So I purchased lumbar support cushions for my chair at work and also my car. I also took two cushions to work to sit on and added a box under my desk to raise my feet a little bit.
  3. Then I got some shoe inserts to help ease both back pain and foot pain whilst on my feet all day. As I CANNOT and will NEVER wear orthopedic shoes, I just got some inserts for arch and back support to wear in my regular flats. According to mommyfeet.com, these are great ones. They also have a little list of foot exercises which I will add to my yoga workout.
  4. Finally- I am using an item I purchased for pilates- the big ball. It is FABulous to sit on whilst teaching and eases all kids of back pain. I also do some stretches over the back of it during my break time. But I do miss it at home and as it is too cumbersome to lug back and forth I may have to invest in  another one, or just bring it back home.
I am also trying to maintain eating healthy, drinking loads of water at work, and taking "real" breaks- not working breaks as I usually do. If you have any of your own working preggo tips, please do share.

Love and lightness,
Kerry, the Momster


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I took a look around yours and it looks great! I added you onto my blog roll :)

    Congrats on your pregnancy! How far along are you? Do you know what you're having yet? I used those back support pillows during the last trimester of my pregnancy as well and did the box under the desk trick too.

    So you are a teacher? What grade do you teach? I'm currently in school studying Child Development and I'm hoping to be a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher. I can't wait to get to know you more through your blog!

  2. Hi! You are very welcome. I love looking at other people's blogs :)There are so many interesting personalities and ideas out there.
    I am 32 weeks along, and was just put on bedrest :( Laying in bed all day is even worse on my back!! I miss my prenatal yoga too. I teach first grade currently, an I wish you all the best in your career. It definitely takes a certain kind of person to teach, but it is very rewarding!! Keep blogging and be sure to add your email to my blog feed!! xoxo