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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lucky Little Lunches

 I am obsessed with lunchboxes at the moment. It's a strange obsession, but there are so many cute ones! Don't buy your child the boring , same, old one this year.... I have selected a few of my faves for all different types of children!

For the creative child:

Let them decorate their own box. Various kits available to chooce from, everything from sports to pets.
Great price, cute idea, but one downfall is that you need separate containers inside to keep the food organized.
Available at www.lunchboxes.com

 For the over-achiever:

Bento System 2.0-Alien
Great box for Bento lunches, each compartment snaps shut individually, and even a little container for sauces and a knife and fork.  Too cute!
Fully insulated cooler and all the plastics are BPA-free! Also comes with a free book with menus for creative, nutritious lunches.
One downside is the high price tag.

Available from www.familieswithpurpose.com

For the animal lover:
Anyone who knows my family, knows my daughter is borderline-obsessive about dogs. So I found her the perfect lunch box. It's an Arctic Zone, fully insulated puppy purse (the liner is removable, and the bag machine-washable). It's made with the same stuff as a wetsuit (so you know it's cold!), and accessorized with a puppy ice-pack and liner made from anti-microbial materials- all PVC free. Then of that wasn't enough, they give you a form to send in for 5 free Parents magazines, a book of coupons and an entry into a brainfeul.com contest. There are a few different animals available. $16 @Target stores.

For the girly girl:

Such cute designs and cane be monogrammed or personalized with your child's embroidered name.
At $22.95 It's not exactly brown-bagging it, but it doesn't keep food from the kids' mouths either.

Available at www.mommagrammingsa.com

Love and lunch,
Kerry, the Momster

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