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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Discounted Diapers

How do you get 252 diapers for $20?Come frugal faeries, let me tell you my tricks.

Parenting magazine and Parents magazine often has 20% off coupons inside them for buying diapers on Amazon.com. These mags can be found free at public libraries, so you don't need to subscribe to find these coupons.

Then on Amazon.com, order your diapers and click "Subscribe", this is where you get to order a regular delivery of everything from diapers to rice. For your first subscription they give you 30% off of your order. Type in the 20% code too and Voila, 50% off a box of diapers of your choice. Remember to choose the largest box for the biggest discount!

Once your diapers are delivered, unsubscribe, and the next time you order do it all over again!
Also look in parenting magazines for coupons for diapers.com, where they give you a free box of diapers with your first order.

So the next time you are cleaning unmentionables out of the cutest little bottom, smile to yourself knowing how clever you were, and how much you saved on that diaper covering it!

Love and frugalness,
Kerry, the Momster

PS. I did it again!! Using a coupon for 20% off from parents mag and then resigning up for the subscribe and save. 50% off total!! 

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