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Monday, August 23, 2010

Merry Monday Week 2: aka the Positivity Challenge

It is merry Monday yet again, and I am still trying to remain positive. My task this past week was to take a short walk every morning to meditate and reflect.

Day 1: I enjoyed my morning walk, but honestly trying to get through the lack of sleep during the day cancelled out the positive start to the day. This had less to do with the actual walk, and more to do with getting back to work and 6am wake ups.
Day 2: Great walk, but swung by the mailbox, which kind of offsets the aimless mind-clearing activity.
Day 3:My walk got shorter as I was pressed for time, but took some nice cleansing breaths to begin my day. I definately was in a better mood today.
Day 4: Oops, no walk this morning. Got up 15 minutes before I was meant to leave for work. I think I will switch my walks to the evening. I rush around too much in the morning.
Day 5:Ahhh, no walk today either, due to no sleep and a run in with a noisy neighbor. But maybe my positivity is increasing, because said neighbor's face is still in tact. Lucky for her, I am super zen now.
BUT I will continue the walks as they are peaceful, so they now will be after-dinner walks.
This weeks challenge: is to find something positive to say about and/or to each person you speak to. This can be a compliment or a statement about your life, or just an observation. But it must be positive!

For more positive inspiration to keep you inspired read this blog.

Love and lightness,
Kerry the Momster

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