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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gift of Sound (perfect gifts for musicians)

http://www.charlesmusic.com/images/products/eca331_b.jpgMy brother and husband are both musicians. And while my hubby is quite easy to shop for, my brother is not. So I decided to find gifts that are great for music-lovers this season. My husband plays bass guitar and my brother is an oboist up at FSU (Quite different ends of the musical spectrum).

My first thought was that it gets quite a bit colder in North florida than it does down here, but I can't buy my brother gloves as he wouldn't be able to play his instrument. Hence I decided he needs a pair of fingerless gloves. He is also quite into  indie-fashion so etsy was my first stop:

1. Fingerless gloves $6
Funny custom key chain or button. Zazzle has every kind of design- strange, quirky, cute- and if they don't have what you are looking for, you can design your own and put it on anything! Wouldn't you know they have a LOT of oboe attire! I'm getting him this:
2. Keychain $4
Sheet Music is a big expense for musicians. However, don't try buy it for the music man in your life! It's like someone trying to buy you clothes... completely subject to taste and opinion and skill level. But there are music stores that offer gift cards or the sheet-music itunes-like site where one can purchase songs or gift cards. musicnotes.com
3. Music Gift Card $25
And of course  after spending hours perfecting their reeds, lovingly with every shaved sliver, every oboe player needs a reed case to keep them perfect until use. This site has some classic ones and also some funkier ones for decent prices. I really would love to find a vintage one for my brother but don't know if I can lug a baby around to antique stores just yet.
4. Reed case $16- $50
Fantastic gifts for all kinds of musicians include sweatbands for their wrists (especially for those tending to the rock needs of the world, as all those lights mean lots of sweat!), guitar picks and of course awesome tshirts! (Check out Hot Topic for all of the above, or palmercash.com)

Love and meloddies,
Kerry the Momster


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