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Monday, November 29, 2010

Chocolate-free Chocolate

One of the saddest days of my existence was the day the doc told me I had to eat a hypo-allergenic diet until we could tell if something I was eating was causing my baby's acid-reflux. He said no nuts, no dairy, no berries... essentially everything I eat on a daily basis (cheese, peanut butter, granola bars,strawberries, chocolate!!)

I starved for the first day, and then got my hiny into the nearest Whole Foods Store to take a look at their insane everything-free selections.

My first stop:the chocolate aisle (Hey, a girl's got her priorities)
I bought three brands: Twilight, Boom Choco Boom and Buccaneer. All of which are dairy free, nut free, etc.

The Twilight bar tasted gross, like some floury, goo with very little chocolate-y-ness. It went into the trash. I was desperate, but not that desperate!
Next I tried the Buccaneer, which would have sufficed just fine. It wasn't that bad, and my hope picked up.
My final stop on the taste train was the Boom Choco Boom Dark Chocolate Bar. Lo and behold, we had a clear winner. I swear I heard angels sing. If I didn't already know this was some frou-frou, wimpy version of chocolate, I would never have known!

So if you are stuck in my dilemma, sing Boom Choco Boom all the way into the store. They even have coupons online!

Another fantastic discovery: Sunflower seed butter; it's tastier and healthier than peanut butter.

                                                                       Love and yummies,
Kerry the Momster

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