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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rockin' babies

Maybe it's because my husband is in a band, or maybe it's because I think rockstars are hotter than normal people ( again, because my husband is in a band :) ), but I adore wee-sized rock attire. Neither of us are huge sports fanatics (gasp!) as we both tend to lean towards the more artistic aspects in life, so it probably stands to reason that "Mommy's little line-backer" would not be my first choice of clothing to dress my baby in. Here are some of the rock wardrobe my baby has acquired already.

Gymboree blazer
Sex Pistol's Shirt (A friend bought this  in NY for us, but I found them online here too)

Gymboree baby blazer (looks super cute with those tie onesies)
Children's place hat (just like daddy's- my husband has so many of this style hat, they are going to look like peas in a pod).

Then of course, there are the amazing Rockabye baby CD's, which I mentioned in an earlier post. They are amazing lullaby renditions of your favorite bands.

And finally, to keep his feet clean on stage, some Silly Souls Rockstar Shoes.
Silly Souls Rock Star 4-Piece Baby Gift Set, Black, 3-6 Months
Soon, I'll be able to post some pictures of my little guy in all his rock gear. :)

Love and babies,
Kerry the Momster



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