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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lets do Lunch

I adore Kawaii-style cuteness. It began with the book Fruits a long time ago, showing a series of the awe-inspiring street fashion of Japan. It inspired me for years to add creativity into my wardrobe and accessories. Its about putting art back into life, the details and colors and thoughtfulness of placement. So when I started seeing the bento-box lunch trends I was thrilled. Occasionally I make one for my daughter's lunch (much to her delight). Of course it takes a lot of time, which often I do not have ... okay I NEVER have! I make them in the evening and set them in the fridge for her to find- as I leave before she wakes up, and daddy is responsible for the morning routine.
This year I have put together a list of items to make lunch creating easier for daddy too. I put it here so please feel free to copy it and add to it as your own. It consists of 5 food groups with little items under each one. Pick one from each group each day, for a balanced nutritious packed lunch. The easy way to make these items fun is to invest in some cookie cutters of various shapes and go to town on everything- lunch meat, cheese slices, fruits, bread and then accessorize with plastic food dividers cut up into grass. You can also buy pre-made bento decorating kits and lunchboxes here.

Either way this lunch picking sheet is an easy way to prepare lunch whether you kawaii-style it or not.
 Love and lunching,
Kerry, the Momster


  1. Thanks for the great and easy ideas - as well as the challenging kawaii touches;) When my husband and I hit Japan last year I picked up two bento boxes for the kids. It was definitely hard to narrow it down to just the box when there were so many CUTE accessories, the chopsticks, the cloths, the picks...and everything came in so many different character designs!

    Needless to say the kids adore their bento boxes and now I know what I can better fill them with - thanks!

  2. You are very welcome! When I make the kawaii lunches, my daughter starts telling me all about her favorite items the moment I pick her up. Happy lunching!