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Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Project: Diaper Wipes Case

There is something about color-coordinated items that soothe my soul (probably has something to do with the OCD area of my brain). As I prepared for my new baby, I self-soothed with a whole collection of organizing items to match my brown and green diaper bag. I found the cutest print on sale at Joanne's Fabrics (which you may recognize from my snack-pack) and got started.
From various google searches, I found patterns for the various things I made.
Pictured here today is the Diaper wipes case I decorated. All I used was my trusty glue-gun, some foam (to soften the flat sides),some ribbon and a button.
Here is the tutorial I followed. This blog also shows a diaper case, which will be my next project.
Coming soon to a computer screen near you:  the matching wet bag and  burp cloths.

Love and needles,
Kerry the Momster


  1. That is so cute! I've been looking for a cute wipes case but I can never find one. I wish I could sew... I would totally make one myself!

  2. This involves NO sewing!! just fabric,scissors and a hot glue gun. :)