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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Idle Inspirations

unnamed.season by betteo
Recently I attended a local art exhibition, by various fresh-fingered artists, and was much inspired by what I saw. Some amazing examples of mixed media and presentation, feuled me with the desire to break out some canvas.  I am not blessed with the skills as many of the people around me, when it comes to art work. MY fingers don't listen to my brain, thus I generally prefer photography where my brain rules the roost and my finger just snaps. But still, there is something grounding about a paintbrush in your hand, and a blank canvas in front of you, whether you have talent or not.
I know I want to paint a tree- either a silhouette or some abstract semblence thereof, but with a fall theme, as in Florida we don't see much of the reds and oranges that glow like embers on my heart, in other states, this time of year.  And so for inspiration I began surfing the web. Sigh, I am just amazed at the abilities some people have to reel you in using color and texture. Especially inspiring are the digital paintings I came across. So I thought I'd share some of them with you:

Forest- by Andead

I think I might try a mixed medium using some blown up photos of mine and some sort of painting supplies. I have commissioned my husband to create a piece of art with me for our house. He is the true artist in the family, but usually his nimble art skills are being atrophied by video-gaming.

Still, it is a project that will ensue. I will show you the finished product here.
Love and art
Kerry, the Momster

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