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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is it a bed? Is it a table? No it's a tangerine box!


My family seems to have been inhaling tangerines of late (known as naatjies in our house, as I am South African), and I have been wondering what to do with all these lovely wooden boxes left behind. Family Fun must have heard my silent cry and presented a beautiful craft that I knew would be right up my daughter's alley.
Being a lover of all things fluffy, or puppy, she is constantly making "beds" for all her fluffy, puppy "friends", covering them in washcloth "blankets" or -if they are really tiny- stuffing them inside sock "sleeping bags" (Adorable i know!!). This craft turns a simple tangerine box into a stylish table with a table cloth for toys by day, and then into a bed with a blanket for them by night.

Here's how:
Start with a wooden tangerine box.

This is optional, but we painted the legs and you can also paint the inside of the box, or cover with paper.

Cut the size you want your blanket/table cloth to be. I re-used an old shirt.

Cut and paste paper to cover inside walls of box.

Here we cut out a piece of fabric to make a "mattress" only because my daughter was concerned about the hardness of the box for her friends. So I cut a piece from an old nightie...

I hot glue gunned all around the sides to the box and left an opening...

Kaylee then put stuffing inside it and I hot glue gunned it closed. Then we made a pillow from the sleeve of the nightie

Soft bed and mattress. Now onto the blanket...

One side "table cloth" is the previously measured shirt, then the back of the nightie is the "blanket"side. Put them face sides together and pin.

Sew along edges, leaving a hole open and then turn right way around, and stitch up the hole.

Felt side top, and paper sides all hot glue gunned on, with help from mommy of course.

Table set , they want macaroni...

Furberry likes macaroni ...she ate it pretty quickly.

"It's like we got it at the store!!" I think she likes it :)

Here's the link for Family Fun's (but I think ours is cuter- and definitely more girly). Still, it was a great idea!

Still got more boxes? Here's more fun ways to use them...
So simple, yet effective. Change the label by erasing the chalk writing. From tiptoethrough.blogspot.com.

I am definitely making this!

Little herb garden...so cute as gifts!

Using to organize children's books, or as book tubs in classrooms (I would cover the boxes first though)

holding mosaic papers or crafting tools

Cooling pies and baked goods!

Love and little moments,
Kerry the Momster

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