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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little bit of Lana in my life

The lovely Lana Del Rey , that is.

Staying true to the resurgence of the 60s pop era, Del Rey delivers sultry,dramatic melodies that rope you in with the enchanting, sometimes disturbing and sad lyrics. The 60s she embodies is not that of the "stepford" wife and hamburger joints, but more the gritty, acid-laced, "factory girl" under side. This album, Born to die,  which dropped Jan 31st, seems a social commentary of the "all-American" ways (songs like :Blue jeans, Elvis, Video games, etc) and speaks to issues of press,status,sex, marriage, and whatever else her label allowed her to sing about (albeit with  rather depressive outlooks), showcasing glamour and love as being more barbituate, than "Barbie". It's not really child-appropriate listening unless you don't mind your toddler belting out "we were born to die" in her sunday school class.

It would appear that Lana is an overnight success, but in reality she has been performing under the name Lizzie Grant and other side projects for a few years now. Seen here:
performing in 2009 (pre lip-enhancement).While her talent was apparent, her new label felt the need to do a complete overhaul, sprinkle some illuminati symbolism into her videos and even a name change and hence reborn the sultry, Lana Del Rey.

While I'm not thrilled about the power houses using artists as tools for their own means(See MK Ultra),or her SNL flop, and that her authenticity is questionable, her songs are still both intriguing and meloncholy- exactly as they intended, so I guess just listen with caution. ;)

Sounds Like : Stevie Nicks, Lykke Li

Love and listening,
Kerry the Momster

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