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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Web: It's whats for dinner!

It's 6:15, you're tired, and starving, the children's witching hour has begun, and Daddy is late from work. The phone rings for the third time with a telemarketer asking if you have life insurance, while you jiggle your screaming baby in the other hand. "Mommy, I'm hungry" Dinner! What to make? You meant to get groceries today! Solution: Supercook.com
In a few seconds you type in whatever ingredients you have and you are directed to recipes containing those items.

Only have ketchup, cheese and cans of tuna? No problem:
Choose, cook, eat!
Perfect for those times when your brain won't think for you. The personal shopper of recipes. Yay, internet!

Love and full bellies,
Kerry the Momster

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