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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mod Mamas

Sexy, stylish and a little bit sweet: the words to describe a mod mama.
Modcloth.com: the words to dress them.

I have found the perfect site for those mom's (or any ladies) who enjoy something a little off the beaten fabric. The array of dresses and other garments on this site are slightly off-kilter from what one would find in the run-of-the-yawn mall, AND delivered right to your door.
Obviously now you are muttering to yourself about the hateful qualms of purchasing items online prior to fittings, but that reluctance can easily be discarded by reading the ingenious return policy from these fashion wizards. Buy as many things as you like, try them on in the safe, veiled mirrors of your home and return whatever is not to your liking for free! (Read:gratis!) Pre-addressed return labels printed offline with either an exchange for a different size or a basic refund, keeps you from wallowing in buyers remorse. The prompt, courteous email regarding your return may just make you feel like you have a new friend, and the items themselves will keep you coming back for a wash, rinse,repeat.
Each garment is limited and turn around is quick, so if you see something you adore, buy it and think about it later (you can always return it!). There is also a fun section for budding fashionistas- or bored moms- to "Be the Buyer!" and decide what the next dress they will stock could be.

For the oldies-inspired girl there is a section of vintage items to singularize your appearance. So for the mod, retro, indie or just "you", you will  find something  pretty to love here. Or, if you are like me, many, many pretties to love here.

Love and fine dressing,
Kerry the Momster

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