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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Label it!

My little goose (the four year old) now dresses herself as part of her morning routine. To make it easier I had my husband set up a low bar in the closet so that all her clothes are accessible. Then to further help her know where each item goes, I created little labels to seperate the clothes by type. (Dresses, sweaters, shirts, etc). The clothes that don't hang each go in boxes (also labeled) such as underwear, socks, pants, shorts and skirts. These labels also help when she is putting away her laundry.

I also created labels to separate baby's clothes. These are boy ones that I am sending to a friend of mine. I printed them out on cardstock and laminated them to keep them from getting destroyed.
If you would like any of these pages in photoshop format, so that you can edit them to your own specifications, please let me know. Or if you would like me to customize them for you, I can do that for $10 (I have a paypal set up). 

Hope you like!

Love and organization,
Kerry, the Momster

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