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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rain Rain Here to Stay!

Oh summer how we love your lazy days by the pool, your endless popsicles and .... afternoon thunderstorms??

If you,like me are blessed with the Florida sun and showers that can keep children indoors for hours on end, here are some indoor summer ideas:

  • Clay animals- even better make claymation films for the bigger kiddos, where you take one second film shot of an animal and then move it ever so slightly and take another still... it takes hours! but you end up with a movie of a walking animal.

  • Make a book and write a story- using photos or pictures and can even publish on Shutterfly

  • Paint a self portrait- or trace around each others bodies and make clothes out of various textures such as pasta and fabric scraps
  • Book store- yummy treats and as many books to read as you like ( even mags for mom)
  • Museum- discovery science is our fave
  • Recipes from around the world. Pick a country and have a whole theme night! Dress the part, decorate, rent a foreign movie ( just be careful it's not too raunchy!)
  • Make forts
  • Play Freeze dance
  • Bake something new, or invent your own recipe.
When I was teaching first grade I had a little girl tell me that her mom says she is never bored because when she thinks she is, she looks at her craft closet and ideas jump out. Luckily I have never been in a position to feel bored, but if I did it sounds like a pretty good doorway out of it, and it is one Iplan to teach my children: There is no such thing as bored, only boring people!

Love and liveliness in the rain,
Kerry the Momster


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