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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kill Your TV (TV by numbers)


You are all aware of my complete aversion for television for children and babies. Educational TV, seems like an oxymoron to me. Anyhow I just found some scary numbers in the current edition of Broward Family Life:

900- Hours per year the average American youth spends in school

1,500- Hours per year the average American youth spends tuned in to TV

200,000- Number of violent acts seen on Tv by age 18

20,000- Number of 30-second commercials seen in a year by an average child.

If they must watch, do this:

Time it: Videos are better than endless TV as you know exactly how much time has elapsed ANd no commercials!
Tune it: Know exactly what your kids are watching. Just because it says it's for children, doesn't mean it teaches values you endorse.
Teach it: Show your children good watching habits, keep up exercising and other creative endeavors. try not to watch everyday, but set special time aside for family and friends.
Tap it: Keep the TV off unless watching it, children do not need background noise and it actually adds to stress levels of parents too.


  1. Great post! Its so important to monitor your childrens time in front of the tv! We only have one and its in a room we hardly use so my little boy thinks its a treat to watch it lol. I record stuff I approve of so that we can fast forward the adverts too as there even more destructive.

  2. a treat as it should be! I have also noticed how children have a hard time with commercials, thinking they NEED whatever is shown to them. My 5 yr old is convinced she needs an under bed storage for her shoes!