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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Babushka Baking

A little while ago, I made a pledge to myself that I was going to stop always looking for the "cheapest" deals around when purchasing for my home. I realized that with two children, I spend a lot of time in my house, and I want to be surrounded by beautiful things. I'm not talking crystal chandeliers, or diamond-encrusted toilet paper, but just items that inspire creativity, or even a little giggle.

As a teenager I attended art-school where I was engulfed by friends of artistic brilliance, and showered with meaningful homemade items. Paintings, purses and jewelry all made by hand and handed to me. Everything I owned and loved best had a story behind it. Some might say that this is a typical Aquarian trait but I think it's just that creativity brings me joy. It reminds me I am loved by lovely people, and of the hidden quiet beauty inside people's brains.

So when I noticed that my home was becoming filled with "boring, normal" items that didn't appeal much to my senses, I decided to only bring in items that I absolutely love or have sentimental value.

First stop was my mother's house, where I salvaged pieces she was throwing out: a wooden, antique letter holder that my grandmother brought over from Ireland, A Delft vase, a weird Italian sculpture that always fascinated me as a child and some silver curio boxes from my other grandma. Next was some thrift-storing where I found some vintage photos of american market places, a 50's Italian ad print already mounted on a frame, and some tins for my teas. I added all these to my kitchen and threw in a little Eiffel tower ornament from out trip to France.

Slowly I began adding little personality-infused pieces back into my home. Then I started a running list of things that need replacing and now one-by-one I buy something off this list, but by finding the most attractive version of it.

For example I recently purchased some Babushka measuring cups that I ADORE!

They look like dainty little ornaments but are utilitarian, and so gosh-darnit- cute, they make my heart sing a little every time I bake.

Then when my tea kettle went on the fritz I went out and purchased a red retro-style one, which I have wanted forever.
For cheaper artistic incorporations, I also began printing more photos that I have taken and still plan on canvasing a few. My daughter and I have started a painting together to add to her bedroom too. Paint any old furniture with new colors for modern bold splashes, and don't be afraid to add fabric prints you love in small, unique ways, such as placemats, magnets or in picture frames.

So remember that beauty is not only for artwork, but also in the mundane details that make up a home. Functional art is my new passion. One can bring  personal taste to salt a bland home with the tiniest bit of effort and it makes the day-to-day  so much more colorful.

Love and artistry,
Kerry the Momster


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