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Monday, August 2, 2010

Geek- Chic Babystyle

Motherhood, with all it's mundane demands, can often zap creativity from you. Or it can redirect the flow of a previously creatively-gifted woman into new endeavors, as is the case with a good friend and definate Momster, Aggie. Having worked for Mac and playing hardy in the streets of NY, she has boundless channels of creativity and high-tech inspiration. And so, 6 months after her second son's birth, she birthed the empire of the "Nerdsies". Keeping up with the ever changing fashions of a fickle society, babies need someone who has their back (and keeps their back's stylish). They have that in Nerdsies. Finally someone has shrunk down the "geek-chic" phenomena into perfect tiny versions. Perfect for all the mac-sters and scenesters out there- a great gift for showers too!!
Don't let your baby get left behind in the uncool dust. Get him or her a Nerdsie (and if they weren't a sweet enough sell on their own, 10% of proceeds go to the awesome charities listed on the site.)


Love and lustre,
Kerry, the Momster

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