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Saturday, July 31, 2010

PreSchool Fun

I love parents.com!
They have so many fun games to play with your children that are age appropriate.

This is what I plan on playing with my 4 yr old this week:

  • Balloon Bash
  • Sock Toss
  • Bedtime Treasure hunt (for bedtime-cooperation...soo cute!)
  • Follow the helpful leader ( to make cleanup fun)
  • And Look on the Bright Side How to play: Start telling a story in which something negative happens ("One day Steve was feeling cranky because it was too hot outside"). Ask one child to continue by describing a positive turn of events. For instance, "The good thing was, there was a nice, cool lake nearby for taking a dip." The next player then introduces another negative idea, which is answered by a positive one from the next player.

    What it teaches: Optimism.

    I also have so many new crafts to do with her. These summer days are getting longer and I'm getting more tired now that I am in the last trimester. Anything to allow me to SIT in the cool air conditioning and still keep my daughter entertained is a win-win.

    Love and laughter,
    Kerry, the Momster

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