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Friday, January 20, 2012

Creepy Pizza Party

At least once a week, I let my 6 yr old, Kaylee make dinner. Okay, not really, she just makes us pizza. I buy 2 fresh balls of pre-made pizza dough  and let it rise for an hour. Then I cut up bell peppers, baby spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, cooked chicken and whatever else we decide on that week. Then she goes to town making interesting concoctions of pizzas and a special "personal pizza" just for her- although she ends up eating ours afterwards too. She gets very creative with the vegetables she tries on a pizza, especially if she is the one who made it, thus it is a great way to get kids to eat vegetables.
Once she has sprinkled all the cheese and they are in the oven, we listen to this creepy song by the Olsen twins: 
Here is my little chef

Kaylee and her personal pizza

Here are some of our family's favorite pizza concoctions(we made the names too heheh):

 Tropic Thunder:  Grilled chicken, pineapple, bbq sauce, avocado, bell peppers
Red-y to Go:marinara sauce, spinach, garlic, mozarella, bell peppers
The White Stuff: alfredo sauce, mushrooms, turkey bacon, mozarella
Barely There:cheese, olive oil, zucchini

So bring the family into the kitchen....dinner is not just mom's job!

Love and flavor,
Kerry the Momster

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