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Monday, January 30, 2012

Brownies and Bows

Presents are always acceptable, anytime, anywhere,for any occasion, and edible ones are just that little bit better. Here is an adorable idea I snagged from Family Fun magazine over the holidays that hits any girl's big 3:frilly,fashionable and full of chocolate!

How to make the bows:

I used starbursts, but you can use airheads or another gummy candy.

Divide the starburst in half, then divide one half in half again ( 3 parts). Roll into long bow.

Bend over into bow and stick the smaller piece over the top to seal it into a bow.

Make Brownies from your favorite recipe or a box mix, then melt chocolate candy while they cool.
Dip the cooled brownies into the chocolate using a fork.

Place the bow on top while the chocolate is still wet.

Place on wax paper to dry.

Put in pretty boxes and send off for eating pleasure.

These  lil' girly gifts would make great treats for sisters, moms, kiddies, or co-workers for Valentines Day... or just make a whole lot of them for yourself JUST because they look so freaking cute!

Love and frills,
Kerry the Momster

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