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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keep Kids Koloring (Kaylee's title)

MY daughter sits near me hovering over my shoulder as I type. So I will be setting her up with a drawing activity at the close of this post. It's a short post, because I find it rather difficult to type when a 6 yr old is reading everything aloud as I write. Like a munchkin feedback. I came across this fantastic little site, which teaches kids how to draw cartoons. Every kind, from SpongeBob to Star Wars. My favorite is the dragon. It has varying levels of difficulties, so is great for many age groups. Better yet, it's FREE!!!

 Keep them busy for at least a day on this VERY long winter break.So grab pencils, paper and crayons and get those kids writing comic strips, or drawing cards for the coming year. Just get them busy! How to Draw Cartoons

Love and industrious little ones,
Kerry the Momster

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