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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Consumerism Crunch Time

October is my "Buy Nothing Month" as an anti-consumerism movement. I have partaken in Adbusters Buy Nothing Day on black friday for the past 3 years, and I think I'm ready to take it a step further.
 Join me in my big, scary mission to buy nothing but the necessities for the month of October.
You may buy food, toiletries and medicines and that's it. Get off the consumer tread wheel... we need nothing to be fulfilled. No one sat on their deathbed and said. "I really regret not having more stuff!" or "If only I had purchased that pair of shoes, my life would be complete right now."

"That which you own, owns you!"

My first 5 Steps to Anti-Consumerism

  1. Buy only items that are needed to sustain your life: food, toiletries, medicines.
  2. Utilize your library for videos and books.
  3. Try to abstain from magazines and television, as the media is used to perpetuate our spending habits, as we see what we "need" from season to season.
  4. Do a daily meditation in any form you see fit. Walk, exercise, breathe. It helps you connect to yourself and acts as a good reset button for your priorities.
  5. When you feel like shopping, go shopping in your closet. Pick pictures offline or from old magazines of outfits you like, and use the items you already own in new ways.
More helpful reading:


And the website where I got my inspiration for this challenge:

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes if you choose to participate.

Love and less stuff,
Kerry, the Momster

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