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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Insurance, but not assured.

A simple word that should bring peace of mind, making you feel that no matter what, at least you are covered.
Unfortunately,I have had no peace!
It started with my fabulous insurance I received, gratis, as a teacher. I am covered for every scratch and sneeze, but don't try add a dependent as they charge $377 a month for each child, on the basic plan!
So I didn't add my daughter and paid out of pocket for her appointments, and then I had my baby. I decided to add the baby and resigned myself to to the fact that I'd be paying $377 for each of his first two months as I could not get him on another insurance until then. (Some insurances make you wait until your child is 6 months old before they will insure them!)
Then came my first blow: as I am on maternity leave till the end of the school year, my benefits end when he is a month old. So I said, that's fine, I'll just add him for that first month. They told me no I couldn't because they give me the first two months free as an incentive to add my child to their plan, and I am required to pay at least an extra month or I will be denied his coverage from the day of birth. Okay so how much is my insurance to keep paying for the extra 2 months(my coverage ended when he was a month old, so I would need an extra 2 months of my insurance, plus his costs)? $600 a month! So I would need to pay $1,000 for two months to insure my son.
So because they try to offer me a "Benefit" of paying his first two months of insurance I need to give them $2000! Who is this benefiting?

Normally one could continue benefits through the FMLA leave ACT (12 weeks unpaid leave required), but as I was put on bedrest prior to his arrival, my maternity leave technically started before his birth, and I only got 4 weeks after his birth of coverage.

So we decided he would have no insurance for his first 6 weeks of life, and we would end up paying out of pocket for his hospital costs, circumcision and all his doctor visits.
Now I try to get coverage for myself and my family through a private insurance provider, as I no longer am covered through group insurance. They said it would be $400 a month for all of us. "GREAT! "I think. .. until I fill in the application, and I am denied due to a pre-existing condition. So I am unable to get insurance ever, because of a condition that doesn't even effect my health today! "But what about Obama's health reform bill that covers pre-existing conditions?" I ask. "oh, I'm sorry maam, that doesn't take effect until 2014."!!!

So I will be uninsured I guess, until 2014 and just rely on the grace of God for my health. I better hit the treadmill!

Love and health,
Kerry the Momster

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