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Monday, August 16, 2010

In a more positive light....


Call it age, call it life's hard-knocks, call it pure cycnicism.... I have noticed that in most activities and conversations, I tend to lean towards the negative. I have noticed it more and more in recent months and I need to act to end it right now! I do not want to turn into one of those bitter old women, complaining about everything, where nothing is never enough.

As it is one thing to proclaim "I will no longer think negatively!", and an entirely different to actually DO it, I have set up a challenge to break the habit. My good ol' friend, Dr. Phil says it is easier to start a new habit, than to break and old one and thus I will work to eradicate negativity, by adding positivity. It's simple math, really.

My project is that each week I will add a new activity/challenge or thought process to my life. I will continue it for the full 7 days, and then the next week will add the next thing on top of that.
I don't really have an end date in mind, as I would like this to be a lifetime ambition, but I will revisit how I feel now, in 6 months, and compare notes.

Things that currently bother me:
  • how annoyed I get at people while driving
  • my short temper with my family and easy irritability
  • the way I tend to focus on negative aspects in other people's lives
  • my negative self talk (saying to myself that I don't do enough, or try enough)
  • not being satisfied with all that I have
  • complaining about work all the time
  • how I feel some friends aren't there for me
I hope that in 6 months I see a vast change in these areas of my life.
So starting TODAY, each Monday will be Merry Monday, and I will write about my new activity. I hope you will challenge yourself to join me in making the world a brighter, ticklier place.

This week's challenge: An early morning walk. Now I know what you're thinking! I have enough to do in the mornings with getting kids to school, getting ready for work, and being a teacher, I have to be at work by 7:30. But I aim to get up 10 minutes before my usual alarm time of 6:30 and take a leisurely stroll whilst drinking my coffee, by myself, contemplating the day, the world and whatever else flows through my thoughts. So I'm not "losing" sleep, but gaining meditative time.... see I'm thinking more positively already!

Love and lightness,
Kerry the Momster

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