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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have had many blogs over the years, with varying topics, but I have decided they can all  be blanketed by one unifying theme: Being a Mom, But Still Being Me.
These are difficult areas to balance, particuarly in early motherhood, but I don't feel one has to give up one's sense of self to be a great mother. Quite the opposite, in fact, by staying close to your true nature you can provide a richer, more interesting quality of life to your children.
So if you are like me, you have little ones ( one 4 yr old girl and one boy on the way) but an ambitious, creative and social spirit too, join me and become a momster!

Love and laughter,
Kerry the Momster

Momster: [m.oh.m.st.ur] n. A giver of life, a hipster, a scenester, a crafster, a baker, a photographer, a reader, a writer, a baker, etc.

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