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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tubs for toughness

Victoria's Secret Ultra Softening Body Butter Delicate Petals

Its a classic, and for good reason. In 12 scents of varying emotions, this luscious lotion tenderizes the toughest of skins into "slide-your-fingers-over-me" smooth. Every time I crack the lid, a piece of my hurried heart soothens into spa mode, and after an experience with the little round jar I feel pampered and wealthy. The Delicate Petals is my personal favorite, and it's a choice every girl must make for herself (albeit carefully). For more scent authority, try the body wash prior to use. And no I don't receive money from these products, in fact I pay as the mere mortals do. So the $10 price tag is just as pretty as the picture.

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