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Friday, January 6, 2012

After the After Party

The last song has played, the last belly filled and the final guest stumbled out the door all aglow with cheer and wine. Now comes every hosts nightmare- the clean up! From my experience, it is always better to do the big stuff the night of, while you too are still toasty from the festivities. That way you wake up to a headache...BUT a relatively clean house. 

After the party,the night of:
  • Give anyone left behind a trash bag and send them around to collect and toss trash.
  • Put bottles in recycle bin
  • Load the dishwasher and sweep. 
  • Tackle any spills now to avoid stains.
  • Even wash the floors if you have a lot of energy.

Now in the daylight, after eating an egg sandwich (the amino acid in eggs supposedly helps break down toxins produced by the liver when ingesting alcohol) the morning after other items are much more doable. So what to do with all the leftovers and other party favors (problems) left behind?

Left over club soda: if its flat use it to hydrate house plants. The phosphates promote growth (Real Simple Magazine, 2009).
Dried out bread: Use as croutons in soups, or crush into breadcrumbs, add spice and store for future recipes that require breadcrumbs, such as casseroles.
Too much cheese left over/or rock hard pieces: make it a cheese fondue dinner night
Wine: If unopened- add to your wine rack of course, but if too many bottles are opened, freeze some into cubes to add to recipes later that call for wine, or make a syrupy boozy sauce to poor over pound cake.

Love and celebrations,
Kerry the Momster

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