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Monday, December 19, 2011

If at first you don't succeed.... (Detox part 2)

By my absence you may have realized that I did not make it very far into my detox. One day! That's all !! And then to add insult to injury I receeded even more because I went on a disgustingly indulgent cruise where I ate my weight in delicious food. (More to come later on that) If you are interested in doing the detox anyway, then follow the day one plan and then....

Day 2-3:
10-12 gl water daily with lemon
no milk or dairy
fresh fruit and vegetables
no wheat, alcohol, processed sugars and caffeine

Day 4-6 
Continue with the same plan but add in some brown rice
Also continue with the supplements from Day 1.

I will be trying my hand at this again in the New Year, after the gorging of the holidays are over.

 Love and lightness,
Kerry the Momster

Please note I am not a doctor and do not attain to any safety/claims conveyed here. Please check with a doctor before starting any health regimes.

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