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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clueless for Clothes

Cher was my idol. Not the Pop diva of a different generation, but the Clueless character whom boldly told us that her and her best friend, Dion, were friends because they had lots in common: namely, being named after washed up singers and because they knew what it was like to have people be jealous of them. I didn't envy her brain, or friends, or even her house, but her clothes!! And especially her little computer program that told her what to wear.

Now we all can have our little closet-master! Polyvore, the best thing since the Cranberries "No Need to Argue" album! It's a website to help avoid fashion faux pas, ask for fashion advice in styling items and to keep track of all your closet haves and wants. I don't dress for any big event without it!

Polyvore.com: for the clueless fashionista-wannabes.

Love and loveliness,
Kerry the Momster

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