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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't make me go Dr. Seuss on your a**!

Recently a friend of mine had a baby shower, and the theme for her nursery is Dr. Seuss. The ideas started rolling in for ideas, but alas time doesn't permit for the "want to do's" and I had to narrow down my gift giving. I was presented with a lovely black and white diaper cake for my shower, and thought it looked so lovely that I would try my hand at my own. I googled for inspiration, and gathered my supplies and then this is what I did:

1. Cut out a round bottom out of an old pizza box for extra support.
2. Used a cereal box side rolled into a tube and taped and affixed to the center of the base.
3. Cut three pieces of thin elastic to varying sizes and tied (used to hold the diapers in place)
4. Started adding diapers to the bottom layer. Keep adding around the base until you reach the desired size.
5. Repeat for the next two layers, but make each layer smaller than the first.When my friend made me a diaper cake she used bigger diapers on the bottom and newborn on the top which was a clever detail.
6. Tie ribbons around and secure with pins (I used two different ribbons for each layer)
7. Add red grass to the layers tucking them into the ribbons.
8.  Add items for a special touch (I added a book secured by a ribbon, and little Seuss buttons. I wanted a Seuss stuffed animal for the top but couldn't find one.)
and Voila! An impressive diaper cake that gets oohs and aahs from every angle.

Love and creations,
Kerry, the Momster

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