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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess, is the word, it's got mood, it's got meaning.

I must confess.... I have been feening for shopping for the month of October. Especially considering that this is my favorite fashion season- fall and early winter. All the clothes and shoes are deep hues, jewel tones, and shiny patent leathers, with studded glory! Lots of layers and textures, and bows.
So, one of the first things I did was take a look at my favorite (Guess), and I am in love with their campaign: A  nostalgic 60s throwback, to big hair and bigger eyes coupled with tight clothes in even tighter bodies. Here are some of my favorites!

Platform Shoes (I'm only 5 '3 so usually don't o t at night without some extra height)
Guess Women's Fume Platform Sandal,Black Patent,9.5 M US

Big Hair, Hair bands and bows. (I adore bows!!!)

Posies Accessories Bitty Grosgrain Yellow Daffodil Hair Bow
Karin's Garden: Silk Louisville Scarf Headband: In Black/white or White/black (Black/White)
Big Happie Hair Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts (Set of 5) - Brown

Punky but pretty purses.

GUESS Old School Mini Flap Bag, MULTIPLE COLORSGUESS Fancy Dome Satchel, GOLD

Love and fall-ing in loveKerry, the Momster 

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