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Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Project: Magazine holder

I have wanted an over the arm magazine organizer for my nursing area. After looking around, I couldn't find one that matched my size/color specification, and so I decided to make one. Mine holds magazines, books, and cell phone and nipple cream. You can add more pockets or less, for tv remotes, etc. Here is a mini tutorial to make your own.

1. Measure out the size needed for inside, outside and over the arm.

2. Cut out 3 pieces for the outside pockets (i used a cotton and a harder woven fabric for the two underneath pieces)

3. Sew around edges, sewing pockets where needed and then sew all the pieces together.

I added a pocket to the inside flap for cell phone and nipple cream.

You can put as many pockets as you like, I have two- one for my magazines, one for my daughter's books.

Tuck the inside part into the chair to make it secure.
Love and industry,
Kerry the Momster

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