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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Muse. Such an inspiring musical group. I can't even bear to lump them in with other "bands". They are above this term. Since their first notes- 11 albums ago- their melody variations and unique blend of beautiful sounds, synthesize into one awe-inpiring song after another.

And now, even though they have been on the "anti-new world order" bandwagon for a while, they are spilling their core out for all to hear, in the triumphant sounds of " Uprising". It's so refreshing to see a band rise above the illuminati-infested waters of pop culture and truly speak to what they believe. These boys are definitely not some producer's money-making pawns, but cavalry on the frontlines in the war against mediocracy and mindlessness. The album "Resistance" calls us all to wake up.

Listen to their lyrics, let them inspire you.

Lyrics | Muse lyrics - Uprising lyrics

More info here.

Love and bravery,
Kerry the Momster

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