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Monday, September 20, 2010

Merry Monday: the Positivity Challenge Week 6

And we enter the final week of the positivity challenge.
I am definitely happier, and much more aware of my lack of positivity. I think awareness is the first step to recovery.

This week's challenge: Nurture your sensitive, artistic side.

  • Be creative: draw, paint, write, compose poetry, mold clay,journal even if you have not done anything like that before. Let your right brain work and express yourself. Your purpose is not to demonstrate how much of an artist you are, but to have fun being creative. Get your Momster on, by getting dirty with some arts. Put on some music and lose yourself for a half hour in something purposeless, yet beneficial and beautiful.
  • If you have a dog, go for a walk or spend time playing with them, pet them, brush them. Realize the miracle of your dog alive, communicating with you without words. Enjoy being playful.
  • If you keep plants, do some gardening and find peace in grooming your plants. Buy yourself a flower pot of your favorite color and remember the beauty of life whenever you look at it.Plant some seeds of your favorite vegetable and savor the process of growing life. This is one area that I do not have much success in. I often joke that I have a "black thumb" being the grim reaper to any plant that has the unfortunate chance of bending their stems into my house. So I will stick to sewing, crafts and paper- inanimate, non-living items.
 Remember you can repeat the six week challenge anytime you feel negativity breathing down your neck, or after a particularly stressful time in your life.

Happy Yom Kippur! Time to restart and renew.

Love and positivity,
Kerry the Momster

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