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Friday, July 23, 2010

Suite Home

Vacationing in West Palm Beach with the fam. It's close enough for a not-so-awful travel time and yet still away enough to feel like a vacation. I also found the most amazing, inexpensive hotel!
We are staying at Homewood Suites- a Hilton subsidiary. A one bedroom, with a separate living room and full kitchen, double queen bed suite will set you back only $100 a night. BUT this includes a full hot breakfast every morning AND if you go during the week a "welcome home" reception, which includes beer and wine. Upon hearing this I thought, hmm probably some nasty, warmed up microwave dinner, but no! We were served fresh salad, the most amazing chicken potpie and cornbread and decent wine too! All included!!

We will definitely be staying here again!

Love and relaxation,
Kerry the Momster

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