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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kiddies off to Kindergarten

My oldest child started kindergarten today. A huge step... for mommy that is! She just came home from the hospital, and what's next? Driving a car?? Dating?? I'm not ready for this. Such sweet sorrow, watching your little daisy blossom.
She was completely fine and gave me a kiss and sent me on my way. I did not want to leave her classroom. Infact, I would still like to call her teacher and ask how much of her lunch she ate,does she miss me and has she made any friends? She is easily adaptable though and before we had even left the room had already made a friend at her table, and had located the bathroom, so I know she will be fine. Me? Not so much :(

Here she is in her uniform, cuddling one of her "friends" :
Here she is with her daddy and brother, in her new class, doing the robot, because apparently, this is what you do in school:

Cherish every day, because they fly by!
Love and growth,
Kerry, the Momster

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  1. Awww they grow up so fast! I really think it is harder for the moms than the children- There were way more teary eyed parents than kids when I dropped Kelsie off this morning:)