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Friday, June 24, 2011

Young at Art: Jim Henson

Entertaining little ones over the summer is a full time job, so we are hitting up everything and everywhere over the course of the summer. Today I took my little ones (5 yr old and 8 month old) to see the wonderful world of Jim Henson's Art at the Young at Art museum.
MY 5 yr old and my friend's 3 yr old had such a ball running around the different areas of the "world" visiting countries and making art pieces and different crafts in each country. They got to make fish kites in Japan, cloth dolls in Peru and shakers in Africa. Then they got to stamp their "passports"( a little book where they write their names in) after visiting each country.
Next was Jim Henson's art, which included a neon glow room, various textured puppet makings, puppet shows, cartoon drawing and a whole exhibit of paintings by other artists depicting famous works of art, substituted with muppets for the people.
Even my little baby got to play with Sesame Street themed toys on a carpet. At $8 for each person over 2yrs old, I still think this is a good deal.


All in all, a great hands-on experience for children to ineract with and make art come alive!

Love and art,
Kerry the Momster

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