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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Safety Drill: infant, child and adult emergency how to.

I recently brushed up on first aid and child safety as I now have two little lives in my care... please remember that I have NO medical experience or knowledge. This is purely informational, and it is important that everyone research and learn this info for themselves. I have also included links

 Here's what I (re)learned:

Check to see if child is  responsive by gently shaking, if not, then call 911. If alone administer 1 minute of care, prioir to calling.

Remember ABC in an emergency- if child is unconscious:

A:Airway (open up by tilting chin up)
B: Breathing (look at chest, listening and feeling for air up to 10 seconds)  If not breathing, seal nose shut and give two slow breaths through mouth, making chest rise. If breaths do not go in, check airway for obstruction. If you see an object, sweep tongue to move.
C: Circulation (after two breaths, check for moving, coughing etc no more than 10 seconds)

If child is breathing, or vomiting, lift arm up and roll onto side and await medical personnel.

ABC's of CPR

Rescue breathing:
 When: child is not breathing but has signs of circulation
How much:
1-8 yrs old: administer 1 breathe every 3 seconds.
8-adult: administer 1 breathe every 5 seconds

Remember: Ensure open airway, nose close, chest rises

Continue until: Child breathes, or personnel arrive.

CPR: Administer when no circulation is visible- unresponsiveness, no coughing, or movement.
Age 1-8: Combine 5 chest compressions, to 1 breath. For 20 cycles. Needs to be quicker than adult, and push at least an inch to 1.5 inches deep. Then recheck, continue if no change.
Age 8-adult: Combine 15 compressions
When breathing stops, the brain dies in 4-6 minutes, so it is VITAL to move quickly.

Conscious and choking

If coughing, then encourage coughing.
If not getting enough oxygen, begin abdominal thrust technique.

  • Go behind child and wrap arms around waist
  • Use the thumb side of the fist
  • Fist should be above navel, but below ribcage
  • Place your other hand on your fist and deliver sharp thrusts.
  • Repeat until item is dislodged
  • If it does not work, call 911 immediately, and begin rescue breathing.
  • If breath does not go in, begin CPR immediately.

Infant CPR is slightly different.

Awesome Infant Safety Cards to print. Click Here.  
Buy Emergency Items and cards here.

Love and readiness,
Kerry the Momster

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