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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Listomania-Great song! Also a great way to organize my over-crowded, fuzz-lined brain. Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that I am addicted to tadalist.com where I list books to read, baby names, craft ideas and everything else my little brain needs to hold, but wont.

With four weeks left until Baba Dos arrives, I am feeling overwhelmed with everything that I still need/want to do in preparation. Here is my 36 weeks pregnant list of "to-do's".

  1. Take pack n play to moms.
  2. Thank you cards for shower.
  3. Clear out car
  4. Set up car seat.
  5. Pack hospital bag
  6. Infant CPR/safety class
  7. Make appointment with pediatrician to discuss vaccines.
  8. Find out about baby insurance.
  9. Get Lampstand and bulb.
  10. Items for nursing area: magazine organizer, bottled water, granola bars.
  11. Buy breast pump.
  12. Put together baby's health kit.
  13. Pick out birth announcements.
  14. Get a haircut.
  15. Buy costco frozen meals and replacement for camera.
  16. Go to Mr. Food and stock up on pre-made dinners.
  17. Prepare K's items to sleepover/ play while I'm in hospital.
  18. Organize who will watch her/school drop off, etc.
  19. Ipod playlist for labor
  20. Cover electrical outlets
  21. Life insurances
  22. Hospital baby list- do's and donts for doctors and nurses.
  23. Register at hospital
  24. Birth plan
  25. Wash baby items.
  26. Organize and clean kids' room.
  27. Complete Baby Mobile.
  28. big sister stuff: print photos of her for hospital, wrap gift from "baby".
  29. Wills
I'm sure there are  a bunch of things I'm forgetting, please let me know if there are. If I knock out 7 items a week I should be prepared by the time baby gets here (Unless, of course, he wants an early debut into the world ).

Love and preparation,
Kerry the Momster

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