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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Beautiful Mind

Ahhh.. theres nothing quite like a barrage of mundane questions rattled off with as much fervor and direction as a machine gun aimed right for your central nervous system. Question after question, seemingly unrelated facts and observations, minute after minute, bullying any peaceful, quiet place in your mind into utter exhaustion. This is dealing with a preschooler. Today I took the liberty of writing down just a few of the fascinating questions my 4 yr old asked me (in the span of 20 minutes).

  • What does KFC stand for? (mom: Kentucky Fried Chicken, K: But this isn't chicken, so maybe it's "Kentucky fried cups", m: maybe)
  • Why are boogers not good for you? (mom: Because its the junk your body tries to keep out, K: so its like peepee? m: um no, its from the air.)
  • Why are blinds called blinds if you can still see through them? (Mom: good question! maybe it should be called something else)
  • In Georgia, why are there no toilets? (mom: There are, just not at the campsite we go to, K: oh)
  • How come old people eat so slowly? (mom: probably because they are tired form eating their whole lives...)
  • How come children eat slowly too? (mom: because they talk too much!)
Sigh. And we wonder why we are so exhausted at the end of the day, even if we feel like we've done nothing!
Love and laughter
Kerry, the Momster

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